A Response to Education Inaccessibility

As a response to inaccessibility of learning settings, Lotts Creek Community School (LCCS) was founded in 1933 by Alice H. Slone. LCCS began as a residential settlement school. The school’s first classes were conducted in a location provided by the Masonic Junior Lodge. In 1952 a three-story classroom building was constructed. A gymnasium was added in 1967 and the present modern school building opened in 1998. The new school building was entirely funded by private donations. Sadly, Alice Slone did not live to see the completion of the new showplace.

Founder, Alice H. Slone

A native of Caney Creek, Alice Slone was encouraged by Mrs. Alice Lloyd, of the Caney Creek Community Center, to further her education at age fifteen. Moving to Cleveland, Ohio she attended high school and lived with Ann Anthony Bacon, niece of suffragette Susan B. Anthony. While attending school “up north” Alice was a summer counselor at the Northway Lodge, Algongoin Park in Ontario, Canada. Here she could put her outdoor skills to good use, and hone her leadership skills. Alice graduated from college, earning a BS in Education at Ohio State University in 1932. Upon graduating Alice returned to the mountains, setting aside her personal life. After a year of teaching at Caney Creek, she answered a desperate call for education in the Lotts Creek community. Glad to be home with her people, and in her mountains, the community got behind her and has been a driving force ever since. The family tradition of service continues through her niece, Alice Whitaker, who now the directs the school under the same principles on which it was founded.

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