LOTTS CREEK COMMUNITY SCHOOL at CORDIA (promotional video) from Nadus Films on Vimeo.

The Bell
Come! Take all the knowlege I give.
Alice dedicated her life to educating you.
I must stand here to
Ring in her Memory
and serve as a
Symbol of Hope
for your future. So come,
Find your Dreams,
and I’ll be here for you.
Hear my ring.

Since 1933, one woman’s vision to educate mountain youth has grown from a two-room log cabin to a $5-million school facility serving the community of Lotts Creek like a beacon in the night. As the remaining functioning settlement school, Lotts Creek continues to have high academic achievement and provides students with scholarships enabling them to attend college.

LCCS is a special place. It affords Appalachian children the tools to be anything they want to be; yet it is personal, reserving the warm, mountain traits of love, family and the land.

Lotts Creek Community School  |  5837 Lotts Creek Road  |  Hazard, KY 41701  |  (606) 785-4461  |  info@lottscreekschool.org

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